Can anyone suggest good ov sticks plz?

Can anyone suggest some good ov sticks which are easy to use.
Me and OH are going all out this month as it will be our last month trying for 12 months. :cry:


  • hey hun
    a lot of people on here use the cheapy ones on ebay so i will await an answer from them to work out which are the best. i guess it depends how much you are willing to spend. i've used superdrug or boots own brand in the past and i caved in and went and bought 2 boxes last week (buy one get one half price). but having read how cheap you can get them from ebay now makes me feel VERY guilty POAS knowing it has cost me about ??3 each time! i think i will go for cheaper ones next time if anyone can recommend any (providing they work)

    having said this i do get frustrated with ov tests as i don't know whether i test at the right time, i don't like not drinking water for a few hours, and i worry that my body isn't working when it is a negative, or that i have missed the surge. ewcm is the best sign for me.

    good luck hun!!!
  • Have got some coming myself, free with pre-seed. Sometimes the cheapy ones don't work for some. Was reading a thread on it the other day. These ladies were not getting a reading on the cheapies, but did on the CB etc. If you have a look back you might be able to find it ?

    One of those things that appears to be individual again. Sorry that's not much help! xx
  • Clear Blue Digital ones are great, very easy to use and none of this 'faint line' confusion, its either a circle which means that your not ovulating or a smiley face which means that you are. I tried the cheapie ones and I didnt find them very clear. Hope this helps x x
  • I'm following jem27 again - posted the same thing after her the other day!!!I tried the cheapies and they didn't work at all for me but the cbd ones did. They are expensive but if you've only got one month - i'd say it's 20ish quid well spent. At least you'll know you've got the best help on the market.
  • Deputygibbon - maybe we should team up as some sort of ovulation stick crusade double act! x
  • I think I will try the CBD.
    Really got to try this month as we will have to put things on hold for 12 months as my brother is getting married in yorkshire in june 09 and im getting married in september 09.
  • I used the cheap ebay ones (Fertility Plan) and they worked for me.
    Maybe you could do a bit of both. Then if you get a faint line on a cheapie one that you aren't sure about you could do a cd one as a back up but not have to buy loads of the expensive ones?
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