P1ssed off big time

Can someone tell me why it's so convenient that you have a tiff with the chap precicely when your sopposed to bd?!?!? As if it's not hard enough looking for signs and using opks that when you finally discover that most important day something else manages to throw a spanner in the works.
So frustrated at the moment image


  • Hi hun

    I know what you mean he he, but make up sex is the best and you never know you might just conceive so gop grab your chap and get BDing especially if you are OV.

    Good luck image

  • Its always the way hun! xx Youre not alone. DH and I have had many a tiff on previous cycles around the time ive been oving. OR he cant seem to get his soldier to work which is even more frustrating! x hehe
  • Thanks!
    The argument was soon over but then he wasn't "horny" lol oh well I think it was the day before that was the most important, I just don't want excuses you know but we will see..... On the 2ww for me now :-\
  • arrgggghhh this is exactly what happened to us this month, that and 2 world cup matches so I really had no hope! lol got a couple of times in but dont think they were on the right days so... bring on July! =) xx
  • Yeah bring on July! Lol
    I just don't think men get how important it is but then your left trying not to insist because you don't wanna pile on the pressure and make it feel like a chore for them..... We can't win! Well I'm playing the waiting game now ..... Wonder how they'd like it if we miraculously got headache when they really wanted it??? Not sure it would go down well haha!
  • I just hold out on dh after i know ive ov'd!! haha that gets him back xx
  • Very good point jay but I'd be cutting my nose off to spite my face! .... Lol
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