so upset.

hey ladies. this is my 1st month of tryin (hav a 2 year old already). ive had all symptoms of early preg and am due on today. me and my partner had sex earlier and when i went to toilet after and wiped there was a really light pink on the tissue. i started cryin straight away thinkin great im gonna come on but hav had nothing since. usually when i come on its heavy straight away and really red. ive been readin on other sites and sounds like it could be spottin which is usually brown or pink and can happen after intercourse. so fingers crossed x


  • Sounds like it is prob spotting hun, dont be upset, its not over yet! Good luck. When are you thinking of testing? x
  • Fingers crossed for you!
  • Hi Bubbles... im also in the first month of TTC and on sunday/monday i experienced very slight spotting but nothing since! I have been reading up on the net and from previous advice on here there is a chance its implantattion bleed or some women can experience spotting when they ovulate.

    Chin up hun! xx
  • ok well i still havent come on, i just did a test and still a bfn. its the day after my missed period so it would show now if i was preg wouldnt it?
  • not necessarily, it might be too early to pick up the preg hormone. fingers crossed for you. xxx
  • No hun, not alway. Some women can wait 2 weeks or even longer for a BFP!!!
    Its not over for you until af arrives
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