Raspberry Leaf Tea


I've been reading that Raspberry Leaf Tea is not only good for bringing on labour, but also for thickening the uterus lining when trying to conceive. Before I dash out and buy some, I just wondered if anyone else has heard of this/ is drinking it? Or is it a complete myth, as I dont want to start drinking it if it will cause complications!!x :\?


  • i had this in my first pregnancy and was hoping it would bring on labour but i was a week late, and had a long labour, but i have heard some people say that they felt it did help, i think it works different for every lady, i have not heard of taking it to ttc, i may have some if so ;\);\)

  • ok, I know quite a bit about rasberry leaf tea as i sell it at work and we have to learn quite alot about it. basically it stimulates the uterus, hence helps during labour. we are only aloud to sell it to pregnant ladies 36 weeks+ this is beacuse it can cause MC in early PG. I have been drinking it to bring on af after coming off the pill, it has worked brilliantly, it is good for fertility and regulating menstrual cycles, but obviously shouldnt be drunk when u have a chance of being PG, so only drink up to CD10. Hope this helps xx

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  • Its ok susiee, i actually felt it working, could feel rumbles and cramps down below and then af came 4 days later after 3 months of waiting for af to show. My friend had one cup and her waters broke, thou that could have just been a coincidence, but she swears it made her labour easier. They recommend u drink no more than 3 cups a day, and work up to that, so only start with one. x
  • Thanks for that info Princess A, I actually couldnt remember where id read about raspberry leaf tea, but i bet it was in my baby making bible. I think in terms of TTC i'll leave it-my AF is (touch wood) reasonably regular and I dont want to take the risk of things going wrong should i be lucky enough to get pregnant! Thanks for the advice though xx
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