Need to take my mind off of baby-ness!!!

Have spent the night suffering from heartburn (which I never get) and stomach cramps...thought to myself "oooh 2 more symptoms" but now I'm thinking it could have just been the kebab that the OH bought me last night :lol: ! I was very pleased to wake up this morning to no AF though because I was very crampy through the night.

I'm starting to obsess!! I need to STOP symptom spotting and just go with whatever happens. Off to work in a minute *sigh*, just thought I needed to type all of this up before I start the working day otherwise I'll be thinking about it none stop!

Hope you all have a great day ladies!



  • I'm with u there hun! I'm stupidly obbssed, but I'm like this about most things I decide to do, but its not like I have nothing better to do, I'm supposed to be busy with uni and work! Really don't have time to be coming on here and going into day dreams about how we would decorate the nursary! Lol! Every twinge or cramp I get I keep on hoping, but I keep telling myself in reality it could still be the pill messing my body around! Hope ur day is ok hun xxx
  • Oh ladies... I'm exactly the same!!

    Got a ton of work to do, and an exam to cram for next month, but keep daydreaming!!!

    I'm going to try not to come on here again until lunchtime.... Yeah right lol

    babydust to u all girls!
  • LOL!!! the same!!!! its a nightmare, no matter how much you tell yourself to forgett about just gets worse!!! am sooo busy at work to!! just want to bloody know!!(sorry) AF if now 8 days late! and had some brown cm last cramps or any feeling/signs of AF ...boobs slightly tender...also had heartburn the other night!!.............ooops there i go again!! STOP IT!!!!! lol! baby dust to all!! xxxx
  • Aaaah it's terrible isn't it! I keep telling myself to stop thinking about it but then 15 minutes later I'm daydreaming again! I have so many other things to do too but I cannot shift this baby stuff out of my head...lots of babydust to everyone xxx
  • Hmm, if i could shift the baby thoughts in my head id be dangerous, yet, as it is im a ditzy baby brained loon!!

    Those do seem like good symptoms, i have symptoms like Ouch. i stubbed my toe-is sore toe a symptom?!!!

    x x x
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