I need help please!!

Hi girls,

Here's my story.

My Af started a day early last Monday 21st April with brown spotting. The spotting disappeared on Monday evening and then I started again a bit heavier and a bit more red. Tuesday and Wednesday I had a fairly light AF and then it was gone on Thursday. ON friday the brown CM came back and have had it right up until now. I went to the doc today about it and he said it'll probably just go down in history as a wierd period.

Thing is this evening the brown CM has turned more redish again. What do you think I should do? Do you think i should ignore it and wait for it to disappear or any other ideas??!!

I wasn't too badly worried until its turned red again. The doc did a smear this morning but there was no red blood after that and it has only started this evening.

Any help would be great - or if anyone else has been through it what was it?



  • Hi I am not sure what to make of this. All I can say is my AF lasts around 5 days and I have different colours and heaviness. then a few days later I get brownish CM on and off for a few days, so I have had simliar symptoms. My doctor said it was nothing abnormal, just your body flushing out the last of the AF.

    not sure if this helps or not?
  • Hmm Em, sounds weriod Hun absolutly no idea but it must be driving u mad! I'd give it to Wednesday or after the bank hol & if it hasnt come to anything or not gone away I'd call the doctor back...
  • Hi Em.
    I had brown cm spotting. Then it stopped, and thought it wasn't af coming at all. Then af came (as still is in full flow).
    If your smear is ok, could be an infection....or as dr said just a weird af. Our bodies are more complex than we'd like!
    If you are feeling ok other than this, maybe sit it out over the bank hol. But if it's still worrying you, perhaps go back to a different dr.
    Good luck. xx
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