can u help me please, what is this?

Morning ladies, just a quick question really. I'm on CD25 of a 28 day cycle, and me and OH had sex lastnight. He was very drunk so was nothing exciting haha or rough at all, but when i went to the toilet this month i had the usual 'leftovers' from him (sorry tmi) but it was brown.

Not had this before, was just wondering if any of you had had this before. Could it be that i've just had a little bleed or something or maybe it's the early start of AF??

Im not pregnant, tested yesterday morning but i guess its still early days.

Anyway thanks for reading, hope someone can help xx


  • mayeb implatation? thats the only thing i can think of? or just a random bleed? sometimes i get spotting a few days b4 AF so may be that too? test again in 2-3 days if AF dont turn up. good luck xxxxxx
  • Hi Pickle 1984
    I had exactly the same thing on Sat am, i'd had normal ish af starting last sunday but finished tuesday - i'm normally anywhere between 3-5 days so thought i'd had a lucky one! then Sat morning woke up to the same thing sorry if tmi but not enough to class as af and mark knickers or anything but was there everytime i wiped myself all day Sat.
  • Hmmm had nothing since. Just a bit strange, do get brown spotting just before AF but this just seemed linked to BD. Time will tell i guess ladies, thanku for replying. xx
  • Just been to loo and theres more, she's here image she just wont take the hint, i give up with this baby making lark its just not mean to be for me!
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