Feeling Emotional

Hi Ladies,

Been having a horrible couple of days just feeling really emotional. We both have money worries etc. and my AF is due any time between the 17th and 22nd, so I'm just trying to figure out if it's a disappointing AF sign or possible pregnancy??

I'm also getting AF like cramps, but a little too early yet and have been having them on and off since I ovulated. ARGH the wait is killing me *SOBS*!!!!!!



  • Oh and also, I have plenty of (TMI) CM which is dries clear...obviously already ovulated at the beginning of the month....argh! Help!
  • Ahhh you poor thing, it is hard, I'm feeling it too!! I can't offer any advise on the cramps, but you've still got a little while to wait, so try not to think about it too much, harder said than done!! Is there anything you could do to take your mind off it? A favorite film or seeing friends etc??

    Am feeling a bit like you too, my AF should be due tmrw but have been hoping for implantation spotting instead! no signs tho. I know we BD''d duirng ovulation so am really hoping its happened and AF stays away but probably not!

    Also had my first TTC attack of the green eyed monster today, was out for lunch and was a pregnant girl at table next to us, was v sad and envious when she was saying she was due in 2 weeks then a girl came over to talk to her and the girl told pregnant girl she was pregnant! Made me feel double sad!! Possibly just hormones, but it's so hard conciously TTC like this!

    Hope you're starting to feel a bit better, sorry I couldn't be more help, but am here if you just want to vent!!! xx
  • I feel your pain pet! Its such a stressful thing isn't it?! I'm on 18DPO today and frightened to test after my BFN at 14DPO!
    I really hope this is the last month you have to obsess over it all pet! Fingers crossed for you. xx
  • Hello lovely ladies,

    Thanks for the support! This is our first month of trying so I'm trying not to think about it too much. It is bloody hard though! Just general things going on in life that are making me more emotional I think, plus money is so tight for both of us at the moment (both self employed!) it makes it very hard to do anything other than think about money!!!

    I'm doing a bit better now though, enjoying a (dare I say it) glass of wine and just relaxing! xx
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