when do you start counting DPO??

is it from the first time you know you are ov or when you have finished ov???




  • I understood that it was the day after OV. For example, I OV'd on CD17 last month, so CD18 was counted a 1DPO.
    Hope that helps xx
  • Are you using OPK? When you get a positive on the ovulation test are you counting that as the day you ovulated?? x
  • hi ladies, thanks for your replies - i'm using ov microscope and looking at CM - which is def EWCM - just got my microscope today and thought id try it out and every little bit is fern shaped so def ov today - will tomorrow be DPO1 or do i check saliva again tomorrow??
  • not sure if your question is for me STG, so have answered just incase! Apparently you OV the day after you get a positive OPK. I got my positive OPK on CD16 last month, therefore I (and FF) pinpoint OV as CD 17 xx
  • Thank you!!! This TTC malarky is sooooo confusing!!! xx
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