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I just talked to my mum on the phone. She knows that I am not on the pill any more(for different reasons) but she doesn't know that we are TTC. So we are going to visit them in Germany in a couple of weeks and she just said that she bought us condoms so we don't have to bring any. I nearly bit the phone because I was so surprised. LOL


  • I love this! They do surprise you don't they!
    We went to stay with my grandparents before we were married and I took some lovely pjs, as you do. My grandma said, with a wink, that she hoped I didn't wear them at home!! x
  • :lol: :lol: :lol:

    You going to pretend to use them or fess up? lol
  • Lol that's so funny!!my mums just as bad after I had dd she asked if I wonted her to go get them for me so I did not need to go out!I just said I would get them when as docs myself as had some to do us a month as we r now ttc again but not telling anyone!
    Funny be very king of her to think of it!
  • LOL at the PJs goonie, my gran is cheeky like that, they are much more relaxed than mums

    MrsClareabella: am due AF when we are there so no need to pretend or to confess, and if I don't get AF ...well, then it is too late anyway hehe
  • aaw bless thats so funny :lol:

    my mums terrible about all things sexy/sexual and i hate it,dont mind in front of other people but my mum or dad no way lol

    i just like to say what you on about were married now!! :lol:
  • PMSL that is just too funny xx
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