Help, a little advice please ladies?

My little sister has just announced that she's pg with her THIRD baby. She's only 22 and the father is a complete waste of space (he's also the father of the other two).

I want so much to be happy for her but I can't shake the feeling that shes' making a huge mistake since she was talking about leaving him at christmas, that on top of the fact that hubby and I have just started TTC and ok, maybe I'm a little jealous, but now I feel like if we carry on now and fall pg people may think it's just to compete, or take the shine off my sis.

What do i say to her? I really want to be happy for her but I'm struggling to find the words. I haven't actually spoken to her yet. my dad told me.


  • o dear! its horrible isnt it, when people annouce theyre PG wen ur ttc. i think the only thing u can do is try and be happy for her. (or at least appear that). i think thats the only way of dealing with it, unless u wanna cause upset. so just go along with it, and concerntrate on ttc. u never know, if u get PG soon, she could be a good Pg buddy, u can share all ur concerns and symptoms with? as shes done it b4? or even take her babe off her hands when he/she is born so u get some practice in? lol use it to ur advantage. and nobody will think u r competeing by the way image i no its painful to see pregnant ladies and there bumps and talking about it, when all you want in the worldis to be PG. so it will be hard! bt worth it all in the end when you get ur BFP. fingers crossed it will come soon for you, so u dont have to go throught this for long xxxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Hi *me* (love your avatar BTW) Thanks, I am trying to be happy for her, it's more the fact that she struggles so much with the two she's got and rely's on my parents all the time to look after them (even though her BF doesn't and won't work). I know hubby and I will get our little bundle some time (hopefully anyway) but I just fear that the two she already has are going to miss out on even more once the new one comes along.

    I have two kiddies to a previous marriage myself, so I know just how hard it is to be bringing up children in a rocky relationship and i'm just so scared right now that my li'l sister is making the same mistake I made.
  • awwww bless her i hope shes ok. just try and be there for her, how ever much of a waste of space he is lol. so im guessing bubba was unplanned? o what a pickle! i think ur right, if the relationship isnt great! having another LO will defo make it worse for them and the other kiddies too! doesnt sound like a nice situation for anyone, sounds like shes trying to work it out with her boyf tho? or maybe shes scared of being alone? especially now she has another on the way? x
  • I think you hit it on the head there, I am certain she's scared of being on her own, which i understand, but she has so much support from the family. I just hope that he changes his ways and they make it work now, for the sake of all involved.
  • yeah me too! hopeuflly she sees the light soon! and either whips him into shape, or leaves him! maybe just send her a quickie text saying congrats on ur baby news, if u ever need to chat im here for oyu? so she knows if she needs someone or some advice u r there for her? good luck hun xxxxxxxxxx
  • Yeah i text her earlier and said congrats, asked if it was a planned bubs, I got back 'sort of' lol (both her other two were 'accidents') Fingers crossed all works out well, and like you say, i never know, hopefully we may end up being bump buddies too!
  • hehehe *oops* good luck! xxxxxx
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