Damn whats the word

I wanted to name my thread something but i cant think of the word, i want to say suspicious but that is wrong. What is the word when you are afraid to walk under a ladder or you believe something bad happens if a black cat crossed your path??? It is on the tip of my tongue AAARRRGGGHHH!!!

Anyway, i am very (whatever the word is) and lately i have been thinking 13 is my lucky number. I got my first every peak on the 13th November and on the CD13 i got my first high for the second month, i never got a peak but my highs lasted 13 days.

I am classing my DPO as the days past my last high which was CD26 (CD27 = 1dpo). Today is CD38 so tomorrow should be 13dpo and i am tempted to test in the morning. I have had promising symptoms which could also be AF symptoms i know but the difference this month is i havent got the doubled over cramps, i have just had slight twinges!!!!

Am i been stupid or even making sense lol!!!

tink xxxx

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