1dpo and counting!

Well im 1dpo (i think/hope) only i dont seem to have any pma, i think maybe im trying not to get my hopes up so i wont be upset when i get another bfn! Anyone else feel like this? x :\?


  • I'm on 5dpo and am actually feeling pleased that I don't have any symptoms yet. Last 2 months I've had 2 weeks of unpleasant symptoms I first hoped were early pg ones but turned out to be pms!!!

    This month I'm just happy they haven't kicked in yet. Obviously hoping for bfp but less pms is also very welcome. I'm trying to convince myself I'll be a winner either way.

    (if af dares to turn up though I think I will be very miffed!)
  • I cant even look forward to symptom spotting as ive never had symptoms until 6wks of pregnancy!!! That sounds good then if you havent had any af symptoms yet. I wiil keep my fingers crossed for you, when will you test? xx
  • Probably will wait until 8th May - that will be 14dpo. Not sure when af due as my cycles have been different each month for the last 3. No symptoms until 6 weeks of pregnancy hey??? Perhaps that's why I feel fine so far !!! I shall cling on desperately to that thought and maybe get a bfp. Here's hoping!!!
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