when is af due? how to work it out?

Hi, i got my smiley face on the cb digi ov test both weds and thurs, but not today. so does that make me 1dpo or 2dpo?? also my cycle is usually 28/29days which would mean im due a week on sat/sun but i didnt ov till day 19 so does that mean my af will be due later? im only on my second month off the pill so could it just mean my cycle will be a bit longer?
thanks ladies baby dust to you all, hopefully this will be a lucky month for all of us xxxxx


  • hiya, i would say af should come 14dpo, so cd33 should be af. so 4th august i think that is? good luck ! xxxx
  • What mrs *me* said sounds right to me.

    You know when you ov'd so fingers crossed it's a good month for you x
  • aww thanks ladies, i bought a first response test today which i think i will do on the sat that i thought i was meant to be due on before i found out i ov on cd19, but im preparing myself its gna be a neg. i then wont test again until after the weds that i would be due if it goes by when i ov. im so exited but so nervous that its goin to take me ages to concieve. its all a big waiting game!
    babydust to you all xxx
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