TMI sorry... Spotting around ovulation?

Hi all,

I am on cd15 and I ovulated on cd16 last month, no positive opk this morning though.

For the first time ever yesterday and today I've had ewcm and when I went to the loo a minute ago when I wiped (sorry for far too much info!) there a bit of red blood in the ewcm.

Ive never had any spotting before so I'm a little confused and it seems strange that this had now happened as we are ttc l.

Has anyone had this before or does anyone have any idea what it might be? I'm slightly worried as I've never had it before!

K x


  • Implantation can cause this. Will keep my fingers crossed for u
  • I haven't ovulated yet so it won't be implantation. I've done a bit of reading online and it looks like it's probably ovulation spotting. Or at least I hope that's what it is! x
  • Hey Mrs KP, yep you're right it is most likely ovulation spotting. Apparently when the follicle releases the egg it can cause a little bit of bleeding, perfectly normal and actually quite useful if you get it as you can pinpoint OV very well!! I seem to get this too, only on month 2 of ttc but have had it both months although mine is just a faint pink rather than red. Same as you though I only got it once or twice when I wiped, so it isn't much at all and could easily be missed if I wasn't checking my CM so carefully!!!

    Anyway, good luck hun, hope you've managed to get lots of BDing in!!.x.
  • It seems strange that I didn't get a positive opk this morning though? Last month I used opks twice a day and I only got a positive in the afternoon though so perhaps there wasn't enough in my urine this morning.

    We have been doing plenty of bding though so at least if it is ov we have done our best!

    It is our second month top btw xx
  • I don't actually use OPKs myself but I've read that fmu isn't as good for them and that you should use them somewhere betweek 10am-8pm. I'm sure some other ladies can confirm that for you, but that might be why you didn't get your positive.

    Well I OVd on Friday so we aren't too far apart and also both in our second month trying, so maybe we'll both be lucky : ) Fingers crossed.x.
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