what do you think girls...UPDATED

i dont mean to go on but really want this to be my month, as far as i am aware tho i have had no symptoms of implantation or pregancy, am 9/10 DPO and had no spottin, just CM, got a banging headache today, no sore boobs or cramps, no nausea or anything.
do you think it is unlikely for me this month? i no not every1 get symptoms but i thought i wud get something, only thing i realy had is being tierd but i think thats due to all my crazy dreaming iv been doing!!
be honest with me tho dont just say there could still be a chance if its unlikey. dont no what im expecting i no no1 can answer for me but i dont think i can cope with more months of heartache!!!!
is implantation spotting really tht common???
***babydust to all****

WELL.....11DPO and omg lastnight when i took my bra off to get my pjs on ready for bed my boobs really ached!! it was like a 'heavy ahce' i have never had sore or achey boobs ever! i hope this is a good sign, there are ok this morning just very light acheing!!!

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  • Hi Sally, when i was pregnant first time i got nothing not a thing, no spotting no pain, so dont worry love it will happen, i was like you it took me 8 months with my first and every month, i would be worring and looking for signs, but on the month i got pregnant i was very relaxed and stopping getting me self worked up, i really think this help too.
    I am trying for No 2 now so i am trying to have that frame of mind again, and hoping it does not take me that long again, as i now it is heartbreaking when AF shows up.
    Baby bust love.

  • thanx hun thats reassuring to know, good luck and have fun ttc!!! xxxx
  • Hi. Just want to say I agree with pink I also had no symptoms. The only bleed I had was at 13 weeks which was scary but apparently it had something to do with the placenta kicking in! I'm also ttc no 2 and have no idea what to expect!! Good luck girls xx
  • im ttc my 2nd.been about 22 months now and it also wasnt until later on did i get symptoms chick,some get them early some dont its a bit of hit and miss really

    only way to find out is to wait chick xxx
    good luck xx
  • hi my boobs have felt like that for 2 weeks now omg when that bra comes off i have to hold them up so painfull and heavy god knows how big boobed women get on. still not sure if thats a good thing xxx
  • ooo sounds good! fingers crossed hun! xxxxxxxxxxxxx
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