AF due on Friday and I have lost all PMA....

Feeling really p*ssed off, this is month 12 now of ttc and I just have that sinking feeling that it is another failed month. Find it hard to stay positive when I have had so many disapointments (I know 12 months isn't as long as some people try for but still...).

I can't ever imagine seeing a positive test result.

I know I still have 3 days to go but just don't feel pregnant :\?

Feel like life is on hold a bit if you know what I mean.

Sorry to be so glum, just had to get it off my chest.

A xx


  • Thanks RubyRed, I could really do with some hand holding. When will you test?
  • Stay positive AnsyM. x
  • Hey hun, im in month 12 due nx wk, totally know where ur coming from, il hold ur other hand...keep ur pma up hun (please hold mine nx wk tho as im not guna be much better!!!) When u guna test hun?? This has been the first month that i havent been a nun in the tww, ive done what i want, and not felt guilty....dont put things on hold anymore and it will happen i promise xxxxxxx
  • Thanks woomummy. Thanks for the hand holding and of course will hold your hand next week. Not sure when to test, I should have a pretty good idea by Thurs if af is coming, if not then I will probably test then.... I think you're right about not putting things on hold and I am sure I will be out of this frame of mind by next week......

    OK time to start thinking positively again.

    Thanks girls and fingers crossed for our bfps!

  • Awww AnsyM, dont give up hope your just in panick mode because friday is only a few days away. Hang onto that pma, ill send you some of mine if it will help. fingers crossed xx
  • Aw hun, I know how I feel at that time of the cycle so I know its diff to grab your PMA and selotape it to you - so I'll do it for you image image

    Its not over yet till the witch shows up, so hang on in there, and sending you lots of baby dust

  • Aw, thanks Stephe, I now have it firmly taped to me! Everyone is so good at helping boost the PMA. Big thanks. xxxxx
  • I'd offer to hold your hand too, but you don't seem to have a spare one to hold! xx
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