OMG the pain! (FAO KK115)

Witch finally got me. Spent most of night in bathroom doubled over in agony with crippling pains, felt sick and dizzy. Was horrendous. AF finally came at 4 this morning. It's so painful its unreal, couldn't even pick lo one up this morning. Feel dreadful & just want to go back to bed but not gonna happen with 15 month old son! I woke up this morning determined to get that BFP as soon as possible - pain has dampened my PMA somewhat though and starting to think ds was a fluke! Been trying 6 months and this was closest we came; was already preg by now with DS last time. I know that means nothing just...I dunno.

Sorry, just having a moan again! Will perk up soon, I promise.
Hope things are better for you this morning; when are you testing next? Am still keeping my fingers crossed for you around my hot water bottle!

Hugs & baby dust xxx


  • Awwwww hun.... I'm sorry. I was feeling really hopeful for you too. Lots and lots of (((((hugs))))). Do you think that you will keep ttc or have a break for a bit now? There's always next month anyway... I imagine I will probably be joining you... PMA slipping away by the second after yesterdays BFN.

    I'm officially late now but as you know... doesn't always mean anything!! Still getting white CM... keep thinking af is here and knicker watch reveals its just CM. The girl I share an office asked me if i was pregnant today which i found odd. Just said 'don't be silly'!!!

    I don't think I will try another test until the end of the week... if af doesn't arrive in the meantime of course!

    Have you got any of that chocolate cake left?! Tuck in!! xx

  • Aw hugs hun and hope you get your BFP next month.

    It sucks mother nature can be such a biatch at times!!

  • I have no idea what to do - really want that BFP but at same time don't want 2lo with birthdays too close to xmas - the cost will be horrendous! I know its a stupid reason to put TTC on hold and I keep going round in circles as to whether to stop or not (was thinking of leaving it until May) but at the same time I feel like the chance of falling preg in the next couple of months is slim anyway...feels like it'll never happen! So if we leave it til May (not expecting to fall for a couple of months) and nothing happens for longer than we were hoping...we're back to square one...but at same time if I do fall in feb then its my own fault (dont get me wrong I'd be over the moon!)

    Oh just on a downer, lost all PMA - just wish the stabbing cramps would stop, still in horrendous pain. Really strugged to get through today and dh is away tomorrow night so not looking forward to it image Monday blues or something!!

    Choc cake was lovely but unfortunately didn't cheer me up, maybe I need to eat more!!
    Read your post SD and can't believe they want you to wait longer! That's just cruel! Are you still testing every couple of days?

    How about you, KK115? Keeping fingers crossed for both of you - at least you two can get your BFPs this month (PMA for you both!)

    Kel xx
  • oh no, not even choc cake can help?

    you poor thing, ive only had a couple of sore AFs and i remember how bad they were, i cant imagine having to look after a house and a little one while having them as i was a teenager and got looked after by my Mum.

    Tomorrow night if Hubby is away you could have a nice hot bath maybe, that might help too?....and more cake!!

    lots of baby dust for next month

    x x x
  • That's why this month was so confusing; I never ever have AF pain. I was always 24 + 4 for my cycle, then had lo, bled for a week after birth, two weeks later got first AF and have been 25 + 5 ever since!! Regular, predictable, never any pain, no moods, nothing. 5 days late this month and horrible pain, cranky as hell (poor dh doesn't know whats hit him!)

    Sigh, told you I was glum! Just need to get that PMA back I guess.
    Just need to decide what the hell I'm doing...
  • I am in limbo again now... still no sign of the witch but haven't tested since yesterday's BFN. Still getting CM... sometimes watery sometimes creamy (sorry if tmi) and getting cramps which makes me think af has come. 2 days late now and not really planning to test again until Thursday (providing she stills isn't here). Just have to play the waiting game I suppose

    I really hope that you're feeling a bit better tomorrow... just have a couple of days to gather yourself and maybe you will see things more clearly re: ttc or having a couple of months off??! There's so much to think about isn't there :\?

    On the plus side.... this was my first ever FOA thread!!! Shame it wasn't with better news but still my eyes were like image so thank you!! xx

  • My pleasure! :\) You were so lovely in your posts I wanted to tell you.

    Been talking to dh whilst on here and we've decided to wait until May. I'm actually disappointed but it isn't long to wait I guess. Although if my cycle stays at 25 days it will be END of May so might convince him to start in April instead!! If its alright I'll hang around here in TTC though! Want to know how you guys are all getting on!!

    Still no witch is good news though! Fingers are still crossed for you. I'll look out for a 'FAO Garfield - BFP'!! Haha.

    I dunno, I sort of feel a little more positive knowing when we will be trying again. And it will give me a little time to figure out how to do my temp chart & the opks I've ordered. Figure I'll do this properly!!
    Thanks for all the support, all of you xxx
  • May will be here before you know it... don't worry. And like you said you will be able to get yourself soooo organised. You'll be getting your BFP in no time hun! And you will have to hang around to keep me sane if nothing else!!

    Btw... still no witch but tested again.... BFN so looks like my stupid body is enjoying playing tricks on me AGAIN! V annoying! So planning a massive weekend of partying now seeing as there's no excuse for not having a drink!! Just wish af would hurry up and get here now so that I can start again!

    PS: loving the new pic... lo looks like a right cutie!!! x
  • Until the witch is here you never know! So don't party TOO hard! Lol.
    My fingers are still crossed for you - do you have symptoms one way or the other or are you trying not to read into anything?

    Lo is a horror at the minute - cutting 3 molars at once poor thing! At least I have him to cuddle until May :\)

    My temp stuff and OPKs arrived this morning and I'm all broody again...I think its a good thing that dh is away tonight and af still here otherwise I think May would go right out the window! haha.

    Baby dust xx
  • To be honest I did think that there may have been a BFP.... I am starving hungry ALL the time... still getting CM which I never normally have just before af...and had a funny sickie turn in work today (although I do work in a hospital and the smells were playing havoc with me so may just be that)!!! But like I said, was thinking it was BFP time... WRONG!! image Like you said....may have to party slightly less if af still hasn't turned up but chances must be slim now!!!

    Still onwards and upwards eh?! x
  • I dunno, the symptoms look good. I went funny with smells too with my first preg - couldn't stand smell of coffee (made me feel sick & dizzy) and hated even the though of tomatoes! So I'm still feeling positive for you! Some women just get a late BFP, thats all.

    And if af does come you can have loads more fun bd-ing! image
  • And for todays update....! AF arrived after some pretty hefty pain this morning so thats that for another month!! Here we go again...!

    Hope you're feeling better today xx
  • Yeah I just read in SD's thread. Not what I was hoping for but as you say onto another month with PMA!!
  • Yeah I just read in SD's thread. Not what I was hoping for but as you say onto another month with PMA!!
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