I need a hug!

I am feeling really low today :cry: I am such a muppet! I have really strong pregnancy signs- I feel sick, had sharp dull pressure in ovaries for a few days ( was due af Monday but still isn't here) I have very sore nipples and I want to cry and I have been craving a burger for 3 days! I think I ovulated on the 6th December so hoping to test soon BUT I am too scared it will come back negative... and I want it to be positive for Christmas and I am just so sad because I think my af might show up! I had brown cm a few hours ago, could that be implantation?? Argh its sooooooooo frustrating isn't it?!?! :\(

I am so silly, I don't need to be sad but I just want a really big cuddle and my OH is playing on his playstaion and it really sucks!!!:lol: boohoooo! Sorry for the winge I need support from ladies who know how I feel!! lol



  • sending big hugs and baby dust.
    That could be implantation, it's so hard to know isn't it?
    keeping fingers crossed that AF stays away, a good sign that you're already late!
  • Oh Charlotte hugs hun I feel exactly the same way and have caved in and tested twice! :lol: :lol:

    AF due 21st so am holding out now as its so disappointing getting a BFN.

    I don't know whats going on with my body at all, af type pains, bigger boobs, sore nipples I have strong symptoms oh well will have to wait for my surprise image

    My hubby is on XBOX360 so am on here he he but I really should be wrapping xmas presents as I havent finished yet and am behind this year with xmas...............just want my BFP.

    image image image

    Hope you feel better soon and get your xmas BFP xx
  • Thank you!! It is so hard to tell because I am frightened it's my af arriving, but it's not really blood just brown cm which is weird! Like the type you get at the very end of your period! I feel so sick too and still have strange cramps in my ovaries. Boo Hoo I wish we could have a clear sign you are pregnant! Driving me nuts!! LOL xXx
  • Lots of hugs. AF being late is surely a really good sign!
    Don't be sad, we understand how you feel.
    Tons of baby dust going your way
  • Thanks again guys, so nice to talk to ladies who know how I feel!

    Sparkling Diamond I hope the next time you test you get your bfp!! I have been so patient (not like me) and I haven't tested yet! I am so scared it will be bfn and all this thinking I am pregnant is so nice!! LOL Come on Christmas bean for us ladies!!!!!!!!!!!!!! xXx
  • (((hugs)))) really hope it's a BFP for you hun xx
  • sending you a BIG WARM HUG! Admire your will power and hope it's a bfp.
  • fingers crossed its a BFP for you
  • Hun, Well done for not testing image Hope its your BFP x


    gems x
  • BBBBIIIIIGGGGG HHHUUUUGGG for you Charlotteb2b, fingers crossed for you too.

    When my oh's on his xbox360, I ask him to pause it a minute and then just crawl on top of him and get a hug and then crawl off him and let him get on with playing. You should try that next time you need a hug or a cuddle.

    Hope that you're feeling better this morning
  • ((((HUGS)))))) hope there is a bfp for you, hold out and when it appears it'll be so so worth it!x
  • HUGS hun I hope you get your BFP for christmas
  • oooh charlotte, its all sounding very positive!!! I really admire your willpower, I caved in about now and tested, so pleased af hasnt arrived!! so excited for u xxx
  • (((((hugs))))) (((((hugs))))) (((((hugs)))))!!!!! good luck hun! xxx
  • sending a great big HUG x

    I know how u feel - the first few months of trying i got really sad when no bfp - then I decided I was just going to enjoy it and we would keep trying until we got a BFP - now it's been over a yr and the last few months I have got qiote upset when af has arrived. Last cycle I was 5 days late, I had been ill and my friend (who didn't know we were trying) told her partner she was convinved I was pg - so when we were out shopping I purchased a test - there were 4 of us at lunch - 1 being my future MIL - so me and my friend went to the loo and i did the test - this could so only happen to me - I did the whole POAS thing and as I wiped - there it was - af - what a b***h!!!!! To make it worse I had to spend the next 2 hours - me driving -and in a car with said friend (which is fine because I would have been comfortable in sobbing all the way home with her) but with future MIL in the car too - I had to spend the whole journey keeping my tears back - I had tried so hard not to cry that my throat was hurting by the time we were home. After only a few minutes of being together - OH asked me if I had come on because I seemed the kind of sad that I would be if that was ok. I found that so sweet that I just wanted to cry more.

    All I can say is Good Luck - I really hope you get ur BFP and if not - don't worry - enjoy trying nxt cycle.

  • Awwwww thank you so much for your replies!!! I came on to see new posts and I was like ooohh! I am off to bed now- no af yet and still have cramping and still have nausea... I will be online again tomorrow and will write you all a big reply... I have so much to tell lol! Big hugs back and thank u for your support! Night night I'm knacked! ((((((huggles))))) x x x
  • night sweetie.

  • Did the witch stay away hun
    gems x
  • hey everyone,

    im new to all this so would be nice to talk to some people that know how i feel. i lost my baby when i was 11weeks pregnant that was a year and a half ago and me and my partner have being trying for a baby ever since but having no luck.

    it gets to the point every month when im due on and i hope sooo much that my period wont arrive but when it does it breaks me. i want so badly to be a mum but it doesnt seem to want to happen.

    im sure theres people out there who feel the same.

  • Hi ladies :\)

    I have been at work all day today and haven't been able to concentrate.... it's all whats going on in my mind!! NO AF YET!! image Hope she stays away because I am testing tomorrow morning!!! I am soooooo nervous but quite excited because I have been feeling very weird this week... how horrible would it be if I wasn't?!

    Thanks again for your support, it's lovely talking to you ladies, you are all so nice!!!!

    Aw sorry to hear about your sad story Princess85... When you try so hard and all your effort and hard work doesn't pay off it makes you really mad!! And sorry to hear about your mc Nikz, must have been really hard, even harder than waiting to test. :cry:

    I went to work xmas do the other night and my manager told me he wants me to do training for a managers position and he said he hopes me to be a manager in a few yrs and do more training... I was like, OH CRAP!!! Thats not good! He wont be impressed if I am pregnant!!! He wants me to start in January!! Should I tell him in january if I am pregnant or wait 12 weeks?? grrrr!!!

    Hope everyone is well? It's Xmas next week! OMG! Gone so quick!


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