Ovulation kits

Hi guys
Can anyone help? I'm confused:\? i had my period on 16.3.10 and decided to use an ovulation kit as we weren't having much luck conceiving. i decide out of curiosity to check on day 9. 2 lines in the windows oh wow ovulating in 24/36 hours! then one on day 11 and 13 and I'm still ovulating! this can't be right surely???:\? any advice gratefully received :\)


  • Hi tip toes, image
    Ive been using the OV sticks, I did not realise it wasnt like a pg test where a line meant a line. :lol:
    Which kit do you use? with my sticks the test line has to be darker or same shade as the control line once i get to that point i will have released an egg 24-36 hours after. I tested 3 times, 1st day (CD10) Test line was almost the same as the C line, so figured the next day it would be POS and it was and the following day it was POS, After those 2 positives i never tested after that, I got what i wanted to find out and i just waited and let it happen. But the wonderful SMEP plan didnt work this month as im at CD04 now.

    Not sure how your kit works.......

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