Am I preg?!

OK, AF was due Thursday, nothing yet. I'm NEVER late...tell a lie, I was once (and we have a son now!)... had horrible cramps really low in abdomen wed night so thought AF was here. Nothing yet - no other AF symptoms. I've not been sleeping very well so tired anyway (coming out of a spate of insomnia).
I also have (and sorry if TMI!) a lot of CM at the minute which I don't normally get this time of month.

Altho I've been preg before I was already 9 weeks before we found out, so not sure what to expect if this is a BFP...I know I could test but don't want to get a BFN and be disappointed!! Daft thing is we were TTC but have decided to stop for a few months - if we get BFP now lo will be due around DS's 2nd birthday, and we wanted a bit of a gap between birthdays!!

Hubby keeps telling me to test but really can't bring myself to do it...could the cramps be that imbedding thing? They were really painful! Which I don't get when AF is due (I'm very lucky there!) I know it is only 2 days but....can't help hoping!!
K x


  • With my first I had implantation pains but they weren't that painful. I did however have A LOT of CM.. I was confused lol I didn't know where it could all come from.

    I understand not wanting to see a BFN, but would that be a lot worse than waiting and waiting only for af to show up? Maybe it's better to test to put your mind at rest.

  • I will wait for hubby to come back tomorrow and test monday I think if nothing by then. I'd love to know now but want him to be there; a hug either way!!

    Probably a lot of fuss about nothing... :-/
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