I have a bit of a rant to get off my chest! Over the last few months my cycles have been getting better and better, since Feb the length has dropped from 54 days to 31 days! I can't describe how happy this makes me, it sounds ridiculous but just having a fairly regular cycle gets me so excited! Bleeding days have dropped too, they've gone from around 11 days (nightmare) to 4/5 days (yipee)! So basically the OH and I have better chances now than we've ever had of conceiving, waaaaheeeey! boss landed the bombshell last week that I'm facing possible redundancy, if not redundancy then a 10hr drop in hours/week. He says no decisions have been made (it's between me and my colleague, either one of us is made redundant or we both get a harsh cut in hours) so we won't know anything until Wednesday.

So now I'm left wondering if this is really the right time for baby making image. I so, so, SO want a little bubba with my OH, I have done for what feels like forever but there's so much going on at work at the moment and to top it all off I'm starting a college course in the Summer! If it weren't for the money I'd say stuff it and carry on with what my heart reeeeally wants which is a baby :'( but now I'm all confused!

I HATE my boss!



  • Hi hun,

    Personally i would see that as an opportunity to have a baby. I finished uni a couple months back and i wish i'd have had a baby why i was there, what with the student loan and the short hours.

    I think seen as you may have no/less work commitments maybe thats a good opportunity to take time out. However, if moneys tight i can see that might not be possible which is annoying!
  • Aggh, bad news but for the sake of having a job, I hope you get the cut in hours... If I can also add my two cents (for what its worth), its never a good time to have a baby - there is always some aspect in your life thats not going just right that would've made the time perfect. As Lady2188 said, I would take it as a good opportunity to have a baby...

    Hang in there - it's a big decision and I'm sure you'll make the right one!

  • Haha you girls made me smile, thank you! I think you're right...I've come home in a much more positive mood about TTC. Ok I know in an ideal world I'd have the perfect job, heaps of money, a massive house blah blah blah but it's not an ideal world image. I love what I have with my OH and a baby is what we both want so a baby we shall (try to) have!!! xxx
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