Odd questions!!

Hi all

I was just wondering if you could offer me a little more help please. My first day of my period was tuesday so I know I cound that as day one but I finished today is but have lots of clear m (sorry tmi), is this right or should i not get it until later.

The other question was I bought an OPK today (just an asda one) but I'm not sure what day to use it. I think from my withdrawel and my period it was about 38 days (ish).

Sorry I'm not very good at womany stuff.

Thank you

V :\?


  • I can't answer your questions cause I'm clueless about it all too - look forward to reading any replies you get though x
  • It normally tells you on the packet when best to use it - who long is your cycdle normally?Mine were 35 day cycles so i was told to start testing at cd18. although i did OV early this time - as soon as i got the EWCM it tested.
  • Thanks Snugglenush, not sure how long real ones will be as came off my pill in late November so this was first one.

    Sun_shine, if I find any new stuff out, I'll let you know. I hadn't realised it was so complicated.

    thank you for your replies and good luck. xxx
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