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Hi everyone TTC, have just jointed today and would like a little bit of advice. I came off the pill at the end of August was on Microgynon for 10+ years, luckily my periods returned straight away and have been as regular as clockwork, every 28 days. This is our 4th month of trying, and we made love twice leading up to my ovulation, which occured on 9th/10th Dec, so hopefully in time. Am due on again on 22nd Dec. Have had majorly sore boobs and nipples yesterday and today, worse today in fact and also noticed some little tiny bumps around the nipple area, never had that before. Now, I always get sore boobs before my period and around this time, but somehow it feels a bit dfiferent. No other symptoms as yet, tho I guess if I had some sort of "spotting" it wouldn't occur yet, am I right? Any advice would be much appreciated. Thank you PS Started taking folic acid in July


  • Hi hun and welcome to BE we are a friendly bunch on here.

    How many DPO are you (Days Past Ovulation).

    I too have sensitive (.)(.) and lumps around nipples and am due to test 21st.

    Have you tested already? Well just wanted to say good luck and put your name down on the Xmas Pud thread.

  • Hey chook, welcome and good luck! (didn't want to r+r)!!!! I have read that lumps around nipples are a sign though xxx
  • Hi - and thanks. I'm only 7 days past ovulation, due on on the 22nd Dec, Haven't tested yet as thought it was too soon? When is the earliest it can be predicted? 7 days? If so, I could test tomorrow....?? Re: boobs, they feel really heavy and nipples quite sore.... Do you have any other symptoms???x
  • Welcome to BE!!! Hope these are early PG symptoms - fingers crossed! xx
  • I have bad heads last week and have felt shattered. I tested yday morning at 7DPO and got a BFN so I was gutted but the earliest it would show is up to 5 days prior to your period so poss 18th onwards around 12/13 DPO.

    Good luck hun xx
  • thanks cass82, sorry if a bit thick but what does r+r mean? All these abbreivations, I haven't a clue what they mean apart from TTC - lol, anyone care to give me a low down on all the most common ones for me - thanks image
  • sparkling diamond - we may be testing around the same time then - exciting!! I've felt tired, especially last night, was in bed by about 9pm and didn't even hear hubby come in, shower and get into bed - lol!!
  • r+r is read and run, I'll see if I can bump the abbreviations post! xxx
  • Hi hun there is an abbv page will try and find it for you.

    r&r = read and run!


    This should take you to the abbreviations page xxx
  • hi hun, welcome to ttc. your symptoms sound good really hope this is your
  • wow there's so many!! Thanks for that - much appreciated xx
  • cass82 wicked rude veg lol!!

  • Thats ok, I have to keep checking them every so often! Keep us posted chook xxx
  • will keep you posted, wouldn't it be great to find out just before xmas? My partner and I would be over the moon, we got married at the beginning of Sept, so if I fell this month, we could have a little bubba by, on, or after, our 1st wedding anniversary - ahhhhh - not that I'm trying to get my hopes up or anything - lol
  • Tee hee, thanx sparkling diamond - yours always makes me giggle!

    Bless you huni, sending babydust your way then! We got married in July, only decided to start trying September/October time - its very exciting and would be a lovely christmas pressie for you bolth!
    No Poas'ing early mind! xxx
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