CD 1 - She got me!

Well needless to say, she came. Funnily enough I wasnt too disappointed though. I think AF coming is slightly easier to take than POAS and getting a BFN. I have decided that we will try SMEP this month though. Is anyone else roughly on same dates? x


  • no sorry hun, im in 2ww but im also gona try smep next month x

  • Sorry to hear she got you hun am now in my 1ww but am too going to try SMEP next month loads of BDing inbetween xmas and NY as am off for 11 days.......hubby will be exhausted he he x
  • Hi Aniviel

    AF got me on 12th Dec. SO i'm almost the same dates as you.Here's to a Jan 2010 BFP!!!

    SMEP is the plan for us this month and I have told hubby to be prepared!!!image
  • Thanks girls. Onwards and upwrads though! 2010 is going to be full of BFP!!
  • Sorry she got you... I'm CD4 and usually OV quite late so we might be in the 2ww at the same time.

    Think I am going to go SMEP this month xx
  • Hi
    I'm on CD4. At least we can toast Christmas and not feel guilty about the bean!?
    I'm going to try bd every other day this month.
    Here's to September babies!
    Good luck everyone!
  • Hi girls,

    I am CD1 today so will join you if that's ok?? Only been off the pill since the start of Sept and this is only my second proper AF since but last cycle was only 33 days which I am hoping might be a sign of things settling down. Got my CBFM ready to go and am eagerly anticipating giving it a good shot this month!

    Here's to Xmas conceived babies girls image

    E x
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