Hhmph!!!! (Update)

2 days late and no BFP!!!! Can't go to the doctors yet cos am going away for the weekend and this is getting really frustrating! I did test this evening, I know I should have done it in the morning, but I wasn't sure if it would make that much of a difference!?

Can you be pregnant and still not have a BFP? Has anyone here had that?

I am getting to the point where I would welcome AF, cos then I would know one way or the other!

The cramps do feel a little different to AF, more of a pulling sensation lower down.

GRRRRR! :cry:

Sorry for the rant my lovelies, I'm sure I'm not the only one to feel like this xxx

The witch got me 4 days late! Was not a hapy bunny and didn't have any access to the computer so I couldn't share the misery - lol!
Its now day 3 so will be trying the SMEP as its seemed to work so well. I have even downloaded a little chart to monitor progress. DH is getting all excited too, bless him - wanted to know ovulation dates and everything! Now for gods sake don't let me poas too early!

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  • Hun, you really are best testing in the morning. what test did you use? some tests are more sensitive than others...some ladies dont get BFP straight away xx
  • I used the superdrug one, and am in a super sulk (actually feel very childish and ridiculous! lol!). I have made DH hide my second test till after the weekend - poor guy!
    Thanks for replying sweetie - I really should have tested in the morning!!!!! xxx
  • Its okay hun, I can feel your pain!!!! Im only 1ww and dying to test but know it wont get me aware. You may have a shy bean there so dont lose hope until the witch shows her face!!!! Good luck testing in the morning, keep me posted!! xx
  • Hi cass
    Sorry to hear that you are so confused
    had the same last months...AF got me in the end

    but actually wanted to give you hope by saying that implantation can be as late as 20dpo and no test will tell you anything before implantation.
    So fingers crossed for a shy one.
  • I was the same as you tested every other day and got BFN's, was really confused as AF was never late but the witch showed 8 days late - I really hope this is not the case for you - fingers crossed you get your BFP soon image
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