Luteal phase??? problem??

my af is here (well sort of not full red flow yet) i think she will be here for definate by tomorrow.
im on 10dpo today, ive had spotting for 2 days already so tomorrow will be 11dpo, is this normal? is there something i can take vitamins or something next month??


  • not too sure about luteal phase's but cant see it been a prob trying to conceieve, think some peoples are just shorter than others. Least u wont have the dreaded full 2ww! ....also may be if youve recently come off pill? yr body may be getting back to normal.xx
  • hi hun, gc from dio, i used to get spotting 3to4 days before af arrived. i started taking b6 and evening primsore oil. they seemed to help the spotting and also the epo helped my
  • I've heard B6 can help too. I'm in the same situation as you, 24-26 day cycle so I'm worried it's too short!
  • Hi

    I have a luteal phase defect too (spot from about 10 dpo usually) and it can cause problems with implantation, so even if the egg is fertilised your progesterone levels aren't sufficient enough to sustain the pregnancy. If you're spotting from 8dpo then it sounds like your levels are dropping too soon.

    I went to the Drs about it and she prescribed me 'norethisterone', which you take 2 x per day 2 days after ovulation and for 12 days. I was doing this the month I got pregnant. I tried B6 and it didn't work for me atall.

    I've just been referred to a specialist, as I am sure my miscarriage (in June) was down to low progesterone and there are progesterone gels that can be prescribed up until week 9/10 of pregnancy, at which point the placenta should be producing sufficient quantities on it's own.
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