time to say goodbye (for now anyway)

me and hubby had long tearful heart to heart last night and well basically he is so worried about money that he feels we should wait to have another baby. i dont but it takes two so im not ttc anymore :cry: for me it was now or never so i have to consider myself lucky to have 1 child who i adore.
so anyway i have trown away my folic acid,baby books and shut the door on our spare room which was to by our nursey and thew last thing i had to do was say goodbye to you all.
i really hope you all have a great time ttc and remember to keep it fun. good luck to everybody i so hope you get you bfp real soon!!
last thing i wanted to say was a big thank you for all of your love and support and helping me understand all this ttc stuff.
so goodbye and take care of yourselfs and all future babies xx :cry:


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