Hi girls

Thank you all for replying to my finally post yesterday. It seems though that it was a false alarm. I'm so confused now. Sorry for the info but it was like the stretchy stuff but had some spotting in it, kind of dark (sorry), today I had some cwm with a little bit of pink but that's it.

Has anyone had this before?

Thank you all

V image :roll:


  • Hi there

    Thank you whoever replied, I think BE has been a bit odd. Just to let you know that it was my AF lurking. At least I know where to start now. Don't think we're going to wait til March, ging to start as soon as poss.

    Thank you

    V :0)
  • Hi chick

    I wrote a reply and BE ate it, it was definately playing up last night!!

    Glad you know whats going on, good luck for next month hun xx
  • Hi Sparling Diamond

    Thank you, fingers crossed for next month for you too.

    Thank you for your reply. xxxx
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