Trying for my second- Advice

Just wanted a bit of advice really, we are trying for a second baby, we already have a 3 yr old daughter. i came off my pill nearly 2 wks ago, and my period arrived a few days later. now i`m not sure if this is my actual period or if it is withdrawal bleed from the pill, as i was actually due on (in fact i was a little late) when i started bleeding. i hope this makes sense.

so what i really want to know is do you think i should start counting from when i`m finished bleeding so i have an idea of when i`m ovulating, or should i wait to see if i bleed again? i don`t want to miss an opportunity!!

its so hard as i never had any of this trouble with my daughter as she wasn`t planned. x


  • they advise that you wait for a real af as that would have been a withdrawal bleed, but we didn't wait to try, but didn't really know when i would be ov'ing so just tried every other day, started counting from 1st day of withdrawel bleed.
    hopefully your cycle will settle back down quickly, mine hasn't!! but lots of girls are lucky!!!

    good luck!!
  • i wondered whether it would have been withdrawal but the only thing was if i had still been taking my pill i would have come on at same time, so thats why i`m confused!!

    do you count from the first day of your period then for calcualting ovulation?? x
  • yes, first day of period is cd1, you should ov, 14/15 approx days before next af, so depends on your cycle length is its 28 days than should be cd14/15, but if you end up having longer cycle, say 40 days then it would be cd 25/26, does that make sense??

    i use website called my monthly cycles you put your dates in and it works out when ov should be! its free as well!!
  • thanks danipink, i`m a bit thick to all this!! my cycle is usually about 30 ish days, i will have a look at that website you recommended, think i may also buy some ovulation sticks so i can get a better idea.

    its funny because we said that we weren`t going to stress out about concieving and that it happens when it happens, but i just cant wait and want to be pregnant now!!! dont tell oh!! x
  • hee hee, that makes me laugh as thats exactly how we where when we started, "just wait and see what happens, let nature take its course" - lasted about a week, lol!!!!

    good luck and keep us posted!!!
  • Hi NinaC.
    were also ttc our 2nd baby, our daughter is almost 2 1/2 so quite close. she also wasnt planned so I was in a bit of shock when i realised how hard this is. were on month7 atm. sorry i cant be of any help with the pill as i had the coil. just as a guess if you want to try asap then make 1st day of withdrawal bleed cd1 and just bd as much as you can then next cycle you can work it all out properly, thats if you arent pg of course!!
    good luck x x x
  • been on the website you suggested it has worked out i have a 36 day cycle, so if i go from first day of bleeding i am gonna be ovulating around about the 5/6th june, which actually works out quite nicely as we get married on the 7th june and then we are on honeymoon, so who knows maybe we will have a honeymoon baby! also its another reason to do more bding!!! xx
  • aahhh thats lovely! wish i was getting married soon x
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