Does anyone have a cure for cystitis?

I posted earlier today and said that i'd had cystitis following BDing last night. I though it had cleared up this afternoon but at around 5pm it came back just as bad as before.

I haven't had it for years and just wondered if anyone has any good cures or treatment suggestions. Oddly it doesn't hurt when I wee or I think i'd be beside myself!

I am willing to try anything!

Thanks xx


  • I get it quite often - normally Cranberry Juice works for me. There are also some good drinks at the pharmacy but not sure about them and ttc.

    I sometimes have to have antibiotics - so I would try cranberry and then go to doctors if it doesn't clear up.

    Apparantly, it is very common for women to get it after sex and the only way to prevent it is to wee straight after sex - which clearly anyone in this forum can't!!

    Hope it gets better soon

  • lots and lots of water.

    i used to get it all the time when hubby and i got together and often needed anti biotics. don't let it go on too long as i did once and got nasty water infection x x
  • Hello hon, I feel for you I have suffered from this a lot.

    My cure passed to me by a good friend: 1 or 2 (pref 2!) teaspoons of bicarbinate of soda in a big glass of water (pint sized). Followed by a nice cup of tea. Drink it down then have a nice hot bath.

    Tastes vile, but works every time!


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  • Ah thanks girls. I've gone for the bicarb in a glass of water as I don't have any cranberry juice in. Fingers crossed it works! xx
  • Hey

    Yeah cranberry juice is good but usually I end up needing anti-biotics. You can get cranberry supplements which if you just take every day help prevent it in the first place. You have my sympathies as I have had this a million times (usually after BDing!)

    Centurion x
  • just the same as everyone else really, lots of water and cranberry juice. Good luck honey
  • I always go with the Bicarb myself, really have to hold your breath though! And DON'T drink any fizzy drinks after! It will react very very badly!
  • hi--i just got it today!! after BD'ing l.nite----
    i was told to go to the loo after BD'ing but then how am i supposed to get pregnant?
  • You're not wrong, bicarb isn't the best thing I've ever tasted! Ah well as long as it works.

    Brillbride - it's crazy isn't it. I've always been told to go to the loo after and before sex but surely that isn't baby making friendly! x
  • hi,

    Barley water is good too you know like lemon or orange barley water by robinsons?

    As for going the loo after BD I've 3 kids & always hopped right out to go the loo afterwards so it is possible!

    hope it clears up soon, bloody awful thing.

  • Thanks so much ladies, I think i'm going to have to go to the doctors though. I woke up thinking it had gone away but an hour later it kicked in again. It's never gone on longer than a day for me before so maybe I need some antibiotics to clear it up. image x
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