Confused now!

Im on cd9 and have had a large amount of ewcm but it wasnt clear it was slightly white tinged could this be ov? My cycles are 33-34 days so i thought ov was gonna be cd20 thats why i was going to use ov sticks this time to be sure, so confused now. I also had some clear blood tinged ewcm when i checked this morning too. Well ill just have to bd anyway just in case. lol. xx


  • What day did you finish your af? It is a bit early, I wouldn't have thought you'd have ov'd as well on cd9.
  • I did conceive one of my daughters on cd 11 before and i know this for certain as it was the only time we had bd. But then my cycles were 28days, maybe my body is playing tricks on me this month! lol x
  • It could be ov this early, what was your recent af like? x x
  • It lasted 3 days and was completely pain free, which was weird! x
  • Have you done any tests?
  • I tested on af due date it was a bfn, af showed up 3 days late. I will just bd today incase ive ov early then will start poas (clearblue ov) from day 16 as planned, either way i hope i catch it! lol. xx
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