OMG we did it - it's a BFP!

Hi Ladies,

Well as the title says, I've just done 3 HPT's and they are all positive!!! Did a FR response, a Boots one and a CBD and it came up 1-2 weeks. The lines came up really quick on all three.

I'll upload a picture shortly, but we're that excited, I'm shaking and crying with excitement.

I'm 14DPO today (CD32 of an average 32 day cycle) and had been feeling 'odd' all week. The big give away for me was I've been bloated since about 7DPO and boobies have been sore. Had mild AF cramps too. Also been feeling tired.

So, my EDD is 13th October (which is my dad's birthday too!)

I take it I'll be booking myself in to see the doctor on Monday!

Thank you all for all your support - baby dust to you all too!



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