haven't been around for a while, but now i'm back!!!!!!

hello ladies

not sure if i know any of you these days. i haven't been around for a while as i recently got married so we put ttc on hold for a while.
so i'll introduce myself to you all. my name is hannah, i'm 30. i've been ttc on/off for over a year now! i am honestly startin to believe its never gonna happen but we'll still keep on trying! i've jus got married (well 14th november) and we had our honeymoon in dominican republic, which was amazing and alot hotter than it is here. my new husband is called nige and he is 22.

so i'm on cd1 as from about 30mins ago and i'm gonna make sure i put all efforts into ttc this month and future months.
before we put ttc on hold i became very obsessed with counting days, symtom spotting etc and got quite stressed with it all. HOWEVER because i've been doin this for so long i've managed to chill myself out a bit and jus go with the flow. i don't test anymore i just wait til af arrives. i have a 28 day cycle so i kind of know what to expect!

i would appreciate you all telling me a little something about yourselves so i don't feel like an outsider.

i hope anyone i did know is no longer here (don't mean that in a nasty way i jus hope u have got ur bfp's)

loads of love hannah


  • Hey Hannah! Welcome back! ;\)
  • Hi Hannah, I wasn't here when you were on earlier so I'll tell you a little about me (and I'll try not to bore ya!) I'm 26 and my OH is 22, we're engaged and plan to marry in May 2012.
    We've been ttc from October, got a BFP in my first cycle but sadly I had a mc just over a week ago so I'm back now hoping that this month is my month!
    I'm guessing my cycle at the minute because I'm not sure what way it'll be after my mc but hopefully I'll get a positive on my ov tests soon! I'm thinking I'm CD10 so my plan is to BD as much as possible this week! image

    Good luck hun and hope the baby dust fairy sprinkles us both! xx
  • hi huni
    i'm sorry to hear you had a mc, thats sad....
    thanks for telling me about you, i have my fingers crossed for u sweetie that this is your month
    i'll keep reading ur updates
    baby dust to you xxxxxx
  • Hi Hannah,

    I wasnt here when you were here before either. I'm 22 and my OH is 33, we are getting married Dec 2010.
    This is our 3rd month of trying, 1st one using the CBFM.
    My cycles have been roughly 28-29 days and I am on CD29 today with no sign on AF yet.

    Hope you settle in quickly and its nice to meet you
  • Hi Hannah

    I'm Sara and I'm 32. Hubby and I have been married for 5 years now. We started trying in June and sadly had a mmc at the end of September. We took a few months out to get our heads round it, but now we're back with vengeance!

    In the nicest way possible, I hope you leave this forum soon - to join the pregnancy girls!
  • Hi Hannah.
    I am 35 hubby is 41, we got married aug 07.
    I got PG straight after wedding in October first month of trying then sadly MC ,discovered at 12 week scan (bean died at 8 weeks but hung in there)
    We started trying again a few months later and nothing.. almost two years later.
    I have been tested and all okay.
    I am convinced it is a matter of timing so the last few months have been using clear blue sticks, persona machine and this month have done SMEP plan.

    I only joined this forum a few weeks ago but think iit is fanastic, i started on the LongtermTTC forum and think I am in denial but i really beleive it is going to happen soon so came on here . I might have to go back there soon .
    we are going to give it until March then back to the doctors.
    I am on day 24 test boxing day ..
    I know what you mean about being more chilled out after you have been at it a while! you have to or it takes over life ...
    Good luck anyway and any tips you can share would be great!!
  • awwww jus logged on n i have all these replies... thanks so much ladies. i'm so sorry that you guys have suffered mc, that is so so sad. i really hope that we all get our bfp's very soon with very sticky beans.
    i think you jus have to be chilled about it. i jus wanna enjoy all the sex n not go back to thinking right we have to do it right now, in a certain position then i have to lie with legs up afterwards. not the sexiest of things to carry out....good job my husband is fairly laid back about everything.
    i can't wait for the day wen i can say to my husband we've done it...eeeeeeek i'm gettin excited again!

    good luck all xxxx
  • Hey Hannah, thought I would say hi to!! Welcome back to BE and congrats on your wedding!! I'm Liz and I'm 24, DH is 33 and we got married in August. I am on CD 2 of month 3 today, and I am hoping that month 3 is going to be the lucky month for us!!! Sounds like you have a great attitude towards ttc now with being more relaxed about it, I hope you get your BFP really soon : ) Good luck!!.x.
  • Hi Hannah

    I'm 27 and hubby is 29, got married in July. This is our third month of ttc, but only our second month of properly trying! on 4DPO now so am ss'ing about a million and one symptoms! lol! Good luck to you chook xxx
  • i know what you mean Cass! i keep finding symptoms am on day 24... but feel a bit like AF is on its way now which I am quite sad about.
  • Hey mollie, fingers crossed that the witch stays away for you sweetie xxx
  • Hi Hannah, Welcome back and good luck! I'm 38 and got married in April this year. We've been ttc for 13 months now.
    Baby dust to you xxx
  • Hi Hannah,
    I got married in September and my husband and i decided to start tryng straight away, this is our second month of TTC, we started TTC in late Septmber but as my poor husbands dad passed away in October and we couldnt focus on TTC that month so missed a cycle. So this month we are back to TTC.

    Im on CD7 at the mo, we are following the SMEP and also using preseed. Iv also got a CBFM to track my day's so hopeflly wont take us too long...FINGERS CROSSED !!

    Im pretty new here myself so nice to have anoter newbie !!

    Good luck and lots of baby dust to you all image
  • Forgot to say, im 27 (last month) and my husband is 29.

  • Hi Hannah
    Am 24 and OH is 22, we got married in August and am on cd7 of 6th cycle after coming of pill.
    Wish you good luck with TTC and stay as relaxed as you are and influence us with it when we go SS crazyimage
  • hello!!
    i'm new on here too since you were on here last!
    This is our 2nd month ttc and am on cd14, using cbfm this month and had highs since cd10 but no peak as yet. i'm 28 in a couple of weeks and oh is 27, got married in sept this year
    like your non stressing approach! think i may have to adopt it lol
    baby dust to everyone xx
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