how long to conceive

hi ladies i'm new here and this is my first post , i've been ttc for about 6 mths and last month dr put me on clomid as he suspected lpd so it looks like it worked for me and now i'm 17dpo and no af and yesturday i got a + blood test but it was weak positive as my beta was only 20 so has any one got a low beta and had a healthy preg.???


  • Hi Aimee.
    Sometimes Concieving can Just Take Longer. Because Every Person is Different.
    Just have Fun Trying And Good Luck.
    Loves Kim
  • hi can any1 help me ive been trying to get pregnant for a while now and it just isnt happernin were am i going rong ive even been takein a 400g folic acid suplimant (help)
  • Hi, I was on the contraceptive injection, depo provera with DS1 and it took us 5 months to conceive and then with DS2 I wasn't on any contraceptive and it took 7 days, next time round we m/c and this time round it took about a month. so all varies,all the best anyway hun.

    chelle x

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