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day 21 of 21/28

Hi girls on day 21 of 21/28 day cycle although cycle was 31/32 days last month. Cant say i feel any different again this month so expecting another bfn. Not gonna b so quick to a test this month. Its my 3 rd month of ttc and GOD its doing my head in. Seriously dont know how u girls are coping that r in months 8+. Good luck 2 u all xxx


  • hi lynz its hard not to think about it but when you hope so much then af comes its so disappointing. mine came yesterday so its start over again for me. going to try not to think about it too much but want to still come on here to see how you gils are doing.good luck i'll be into my third month now too! xx
  • HI lynz, my af is due saturday, and not feeling that confident, this is my 3rd month so will be going into my 4th!!! Its hard the more it goes on but will get there in the end just gota try to remember that...good luck, baby dust coming ur way xxxx
  • Hi girls. Really hope that we can all get our bfps before long. How nice would it be if we could all fall before Christmas? Been trying now for nearly 2 years now although age is against me sadly. I did have a miscarriage last October so at least i know i can still get pregnant. Lots of love and babydust to all ttc, love bluebird xxxx
  • Its really hard, this is my third month, now on day 33, wasn't going to do a test until next week, but couldn't help myself! Any way... got a bfn! Knew I should'nt get my hopes up, still waiting for af, just know it will come soon, oh well, into month 4 of trying now!!
  • hi thought i was on day 21/29 but looks like af has arrived a week early! really pissed of.

    good luck everyone else
    becs xx
  • thanx 4 replys girls. I dont know how people can say relax. 3 of my friends that i have told r telling me im stressing 2 much over trying to get pg and 2 calm down and not think about. WELL SORRY its a bit difficult to 4 get about it when u have ur bloody legs in the air thinkin god please let it have worked this time!!!!!!!!!!!! hope im not just moaning girls but it is doing my bloody head in. dunno wot im gonna b like when or if af arrives. I gave up smoking as soon as we started ttc and also gave up drinking. GOD WOT I WOULD DO 4 A PINT!!!image
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