How do I track my cycle???

Yes I did do biology and I do already have children (3!!) but I haven't a clue about the cycle days the best time to concieve- and how I calculate where I am on the cycle.

My first two weren't planned- sounds stupid I know but when I did decide to try for a planned no. three I literally fell pregnant a few days after coming off the pill (I am personally convinced it was the first time we go jiggy!! So the previous accidents were more or less not so much a suprise when this happened!!

My lo is five months and we agreed we would try for one more. We weren't actively ttc yet but I am currently 10 days late for my af- I have tested 4 times and all are negative- I have always been regular even after childbirth so I haven't a clue what is going on.

I have been crampy for about 2 weeks on and off and keep thinking its going to arrive but still no sign.


  • CD 1 is the first day of red af, you count until the last day before your next af. If you had a 28 day cycle, Ov happens around day 13/14, as the post ov stage (luteal phase) is usually 14 days. This can vary from 10-16 ish though.

    The pill can make everything a bit more unpredictable, I'm guessing that can happen despite you being lucky with your other children. Some women do not return to regular af's for ages, some get pg before even having a natural af. HTH. xx
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