im fed up and sick of men

cant beleive what oh said to me last night. all i have done is cry and now i think different off him. he turned to me and said i hope your not pregnant becoz i dont want another one. all i have done is cry. i didnt go on the pill after the rod being removed and he knew this. i really wanna swear . on tuesday night he pipes up and says i dont feel human. i asked why his reply was coz we dont have sex alot then followed its like jeremy kyle WHOS THE FATHER omg why is he saying these things ive never in my whole 31years ever cheated. hes pushing me away.
im sorry girls for my rant lol. :cry:


  • Crikey hun! What's going on with him?!

    I think you really need to have a chat with him and tell him how upset you are. Ask him to be totally honest because its not fair on you!

    Is he implying that he might not be the father of your baby? Sorry if I've got it wrong I can't understand that bit of the post. Having a bit of a moment I think!

    I think he owes it to you to finish explaining what he's on about really hun!
  • OMG what is his problem?

    Sounds like you definately need to sit him down and have a proper chat with him!

    Why on earth does he think he wouldnt be the father? Just because you dont have sex a lot doesnt mean he wouldnt be the father! It only takes once! Just goes to show how naive he is then if he thinks tthat! How old is he? Sounds like hes acting like a 12 year old!

    Bloody men they can be soooo childish sometimes xx

    Hope you do have a proper chat and sort things out hun xx
  • oh no that's not fair at all! He needs to explain himself, sounds like he was being really cruel! I hope you can both talk about it and get to the bottom of his ranting. Don't take any nonsense either, you deserve more x
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