FAO Goonie!!!

How are you? Sorry that af found you today-perhaps we are meant to get into pg together this time!LOL!!!
Just waiting for my donor to arrive for what I think is attempt 25! so I may have to disappear in a rush.
If it doesn't work I have appointment on tuesday to say I want to go with donor embryos, hopefully in Leeds, and I want to get the ball rolling ASAP.
Think I may have to come back-or at least look on here more often as theres loads of you I know from ages ago!


  • Oh Helen I'm so glad you're back! Did you see my post on Fiona86's thread image

    Good luck tonight and on Tuesday too, its your turn by a mile! Lets definitely try and go into pregnancy together this time!

    I emailed you on facebook a while ago but don't know if you still use it!

    Keep in touch x
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