Monitoring cervical mucus

I found this rather good when i am trying to monitor cervical mucus

Just after your period, there is a dry phase for 3 to 4 days when no mucus is clearly visible
Slowly, with the ovulatory phase approaching, the mucus will start to appear as a white or creamy liquid. If you touch this mucus, it will easily break if you try to stretch it between your fingertips.
As the days progress and your body's estrogen levels rise, the mucus will get thicker and secrete in more quantities though it may still be creamy
As you approach ovulation the mucus will appear thin and watery like raw egg white. When you stretch it between your fingertips, this mucus may stretch for several inches before breaking
This particular mucus is the time when sperm can easily enter through the cervix and fertilisation may occur
Within a day or so, the egg white mucus may again become creamy or white. This will tell you that the previous day was the peak day when you had the highest chance of getting pregnant.
As your period approaches, your mucus will again become lesser and lesser as well as in appearance
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