was it implantation bleeeding?

last night went to loo before getting in bed and found in my knickers sorry if tmi,...very very pale pink staining, nothing no where as close as a period, it was so pale i looked at it closlely even held my knickers up because it was diffrent!! (After i got changed!), i tried to find another explanation, but i couldnt i had white trousers and white knickers, it hadnt gone through to my trousers thats how light it was, now last time i thought this had happened was nothing like it at all, i bled very lightly but it was brown but it would have gone through to my trousers slightly, thats the best way i can compare, the other bleed happened on the 24 th june, for only a day and a half, last night i dont know when it happened, but theres nothing there this morning, but last night whilst watching t.v had a crampy feeling to my right lower side bit like a stitch, just thought i would share as it is something i have never had at all never seen, it was literally a light staining and nothing more,xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx:\ :\) :\) :\) :\) :\) hope you are all feeling well xx


  • How strange! I have no advice I'm afraid but have my fingers crossed that it was implantation.Good luck!xxx
  • fingers crossed then.
    Filo x
  • Could be, how many dpo are you? xx
  • Sounds promising! I've had some really weird feelings today - like a bubbling sensation in my uterus. Very odd.
  • Are you late yet?
  • right i will explain best i can so please bear with me, may ov dates 5th to 10th, had very light period in june 24th for day and half, ov dates june 4th till 9th july 5th to 10 th i think, around that anyway, does i make sense? my cycle is usually 28 days, but i really feel like i am having af on way niggling crampy feeling, i tested on sat and was bfn then on mon was bfn it is frying my brain xx
  • I am a little confused...you think last night might have been implantation. But according to your dates, you had af 24th June, and haven't ov'd yet this month, as that would make you CD 10. If the 24th was implantation bleeding you are about 10 days late for af.

    It's difficult to know what to advise, if you don't know where in your cycle you are. It could be 2 things, you are having an irregular cycle which can happen, and doesn't mean anything is wrong. Or you are pg, and need to keep testing every few days.

    Good luck either way, keep us informed! xx
  • sorry to confuse you but i am confused myself, i am the type of women that gives blondes their reputation for being thick! it is difficult as i have never had af for only a day and half before which was just brown or faint pink when i wiped sorry tmi, af before 24th june was 25th may, i usually have a 29 day cycle but last night sort of freaked me out, it is all very strange, i think thats right anyway (dates) i only keep rough dates n my head i never make a record of them maybe i should. xx sod it i am gonna test again in morning!
  • Af is red blood, that's when you start counting your CD's. So it sounds like it was a freaky af, or implantation! xx
  • what are thoses tests like off ebay those 10miu ones? are they reliable? was thinking of getting some? alot cheaper than what i am paying in the shops, it definetly wasnt red blood, thanks mithical for being so patient with me, xx
  • lol

    It's difficult to work things out sometimes, and I'm happy to help if I can! :/)

    They are supposed to be really sensitive, but not sure you can call them reliable. Posts on here say they don't give a clear line sometimes. However, they are the ones the NHS use....so they must work! xx
  • i will give them a go i think, is it normal to feel like you have af type cramps though?
  • Hi, i had an implantation bleed when i fell with my daughter. I remember it clearly as i was due on that day and half way through the day i had a what looked like the end of a period for 5 minutes and then it went-it was weird as i never come on the day i'm due to! I have very irregular periods anyway and sometimes do just bleed for an hour for one day so i phoned my husband and told him it hadn't happened that month-that was a friday. Then over that weekend i had nothing and on the monday just had this funny feeling that it wasn't quiet normal and did a test and it was positive! I think that everyones implantation bleeds are different if you have one at all so you could be, it does sound unusual especially if you've never had anything like that before.

    fingers crossed for you xxx
  • Yes af type cramps can be experienced with implantation or early pg. Only problem I had them on my 2ww a couple of cycles ago. For me af showed, but it could be different for you. Fingers crossed. xx
  • Sounds very much like implantation bleeding to me. I had the same when I had my 1st baby, it was identical to what you have described. I then also had very light bleeding at 6 weeks and 8 weeks, but still had a beautiful baby girl.
    I also got pregnant in May and had the implantation bleeding again, but I felt really ill this time, and a few weeks later miscarried.

    Good Luck;\), wont be much monger and you will be able to do a test.
  • when do you think i should test?? i have just ordered some from ebay this morning, i have never had implantation bleeding before with my other 3, well not that i noticed in june you see i was suppose to have af on the 28th i had this bleed on the 24th only short as i described, af isnt due again until about the 23rd july i think. thanks for your info you have given me some much needed hope xx
  • You should try to hold out until date af due, or beyond if you can. To give the hCG hormone time to build up. xx
  • I agree, wait until a few days after your period would be due, which I think should be about a week after your implantation, so maybe aim to test after 12th July, Good Luck
  • thank you xx
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