too scared lol UPDATE

Well i usually have a 25-28 day cycle but more times than not i come on day 25.
This month i have had no period pains, was due AF yesterday and its a no show image
Had no period pains at all or nothing to make me think its on the way.

I went and bought 2 first response tests and now im too scared to do them lol!!
First off... I have niggly pulling type pains in my lower abdomen and have convinced myself AF is coming lol
My 2 friends, 1 of which not long had her baby and my other friend who is 21 weeks said they both had this and its normal.
Secondly... Will the test not be a BFN cause its not FMU???

In need of advice lol


Well i gave in and tested and.... there is the faintest of faint lines!!!
I bought it down stairs n showed OH and he was holding it in the window like ahh i see it there yeaaa!
Untill i see a dark line im not convinced lol.
When should i re-test tomorrow morning or monday morning?

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  • Hi hon,

    It depends on how early you are testing...I got a + on fr at 9 dpo with ds and that was in the evening! I was impatient though lol...

    The pains are normal, I second that also, alot of pregnancy symptoms can be same for af so it's very confusing!

    If you have 2 tests you could use one and see, you always have a spare then

    Good Luck hon xxx
  • Sounds good hon, if you can wait I would do another one on monday am as hcg doubles every 48 hours! Sounds like you are pg hon xxx congratulations xx
  • Not quite believing it atm lol.
    Until i see a darker line i will be like hmmmm image
    I will test again monday morning and see what happens.
    Thank youuuuu image xxx
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