Hi Everyone

It's been a while since I have posted here, but I'm curious - does anyone else have a 3 week wait?

I have just handed my notice in at work as my husband has a job in another county, and this is out last month TTC for a few months, as we will be holding out for me getting work there too. I ovulated yesterday or the day before I think, and this 3 weeks is going to kill me, and I wondered if anyone else has this long to wait until they have officially missed a period. I think I might go crazy waiting!

I really want this, I don't want to stop trying at all, but we will have to from a financial point of view. Fingers crossed for me ladies! And for all of you.



  • I had a mc in April, but I seem to be back to normal for me now. I started tracking them in Jan when we 1st started TTC and they were the same then. It's actually 19 days, but closer to 2 weeks than 3! I hadn't realised it was that unusual.
  • I'm just temp tracking and going by CM...do you think I'm getting it wrong?

  • if your temps are showing a good rise and you are temping at the same time every day its prob right, if your temps are a little hard to read it may be worth using OPKs one month although temps are suppose to be very accurate when done right x
  • There is a very clear 0.3-0.5 rise so it seems right to me.

    It's just frustrating that I seem to be in this boat on my own!
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