How accurate is FF?

Hello, just a quick wee question. I plugged my af dates into FF (I didn't have any other info to plug in) and purely going by that it says my most fertile dates are today, tomorrow and Sunday and that I should OV on Monday. Would you trust this info or is it likely to be inaccurate? I'm stuck as apart from that I'm totally guessing everything so far!! :roll:


  • I think it will depend on how regular your cycles are...are they all the same length?

    I've only started using the FF charts this cycle and only had my af dates to put in to start with. It came up with 14th as ov day and hasn't changed since I've been charting my BBT and CM. CM today is EW and so is in line with OV on 14th.

    Hope that helps...

    L x
  • hello

    ff is only as accurate as the info you put in, the more information the more accurate it can be, the more cycles you have saved the more it can estimate the time of ov aswell,

    i wouldnt rely soley on it as you may miss ov but it can be helpful in giving you an idea, i used it when ttc and put my temps in aswell as my monitor results, this stopped me from guessing when af might turn up and when i acctually oved x

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