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Does anybody do this? I have started only the last couple of days and I think I OV on friday so I do think that I missed it this month but it has been 36.5 or around about that which I thought was a normal temp? Do you know rouhgly if it's meant to be lower when you first wake up or the higer than it would be throughout the day?

K xxx


  • Lower - its your resting temperature so theoretically should be nice and low, and then you can see any rise if you ovulate.

    However, it varies from person to person. Mine is habitually 35.5 when I wake up, but apparently that's normal for me!

    I think as long as you do it roughly (give an hour or two) at the same time every day, before you move around (or have morning cup of tea - I messed up my first readings by having a cup before taking mine and thinking I was freakishly hot), it should be clear when you ovulate.

    Although I've not ovulated yet so I don't know that from experience...!
  • ..in my experience, Mines are lower at waking up and a bit higher if taken during the day.. (if that helps)
  • Thanks girls, see i think i missed it as I never really took it before i thought i was OV so I took it from friday which was the day i think I OV and it has been roughly 36.5. Though as I have no idea what I was before friday I am not sure if I have gone up at all??

    How many is it meant to go up by? i thought this was a little hot for first thing in the morning? I actually took it this morning and it was 36.5 and then I had a shower took it again and it was 35.something?

    K xx
  • before i had my first pregnancy i was going to chat my temp and it did say that you need to start on cd1 ok this is what it says

    when using bbt by the time you see the temperature rise you have probaby already ov, the value of the bbt chat is to help predict a pattern in your temperature cycles for the future months. ovulation should accur 24-48 hours before the temperature rise is detected,this will help you predict the days on which you are most likely to become pregnant in the following cycle

  • Oh man i just read this one line. Mine has been around 36.5 ;-(

    In normal cycles, the temperature is low, about 36.5 before ovulation and rises to 37 degrees soon after ovulation. If there are deviations from this pattern, ovulation might not occur

    K xx
  • ok just read some more :lol:

    the temp of your body as soon as you wake up is known as your basel body temp (your bodys temp at rest) for most woman 35.6 tp 36.7 degrees celsius is consided noram b4 ov, this increases to between 36.1 to 37.2 after the changes are typically small frations from 0.2 to 0.5 degree
  • Apparently you need three months data to get a good picture, so at the moment, I'd take it, and note it down, plot the graph and then look for patterns after a while... too soon to draw conclusions yet, I think!

    It can go up even a teeny bit when you ov, that's why the thermometers go to two decimal places. I think you just need to persevere and if you're in any doubt about ov, go for what your ov sticks etc say, not your temperature as there's so much human error involved!

    I've been cautioned by my cousin that it isn't fool-proof: she was trying not to conceive using this method, and its the christening next month....

    And three months is AGES - when we've got our perfect graphs - with a bit of luck we'll have had a bfp by then and can chuck them away!
  • Oh right, so do you think it is poss then to have OV sorry I know it's different from women to women and I am pretty sure last week or onthe friday it was 35.something. As you can see i have not wrote all this down as I wanted to start doing it on CD1 but just wanted to see for myself?
    k XX
  • K-Lou - don't despair! Its really far too soon to be able to tell anything yet from your temperature. You need to know the pattern as everyone is so different.

    Don't worry - have fun making your graph, and just wait and see what happens. The 'spike' should be clear after a few cycles. x
  • I'd get out the graph paper, and make sure you note down the day of your cycle. What you've got at the moment won't help to tell if you've already ovulated, but can help you see the pattern as you go along.

    Good luck!
  • ok last bit :lol:

    a monthly change in your bbt is ne of the indications that your ovulatory function is working correctly,once ov has occurred the hormone progesterone is released ,one of the consequences of this is to trigger a slight increase in your bbt,your bbt will remain elevated until just before your next af,the 24 hour period before the temp shift is identifed is the most fertile time of your cycle. you should take your temp from day 1 of your cycle,which is the first day of your af not spotting,take your temp immediately after you wake up and before you undertake any activity,make sure you dont move to much before you take your temp,do not eat or drink anything or get out of bed before you take your temp.and make sure you take your temp at about the same time each day to within an hour or so.

    thats it no more instructions :lol: like the op has said the ov sticks are so much easier
  • Yeah I wont bother doing it the rest of this month as there is no real point and start a fresh from CD 1 image

    Charts and all sorts wow the things we do just to have a baby!!

    Bring on home time please.....

    k xx
  • I had a look on clear blue site yesterday and it said in 20% of women you can't detect a temperature change anyway on ovualation. I guess you have to use all the methods over a few months to get a pattern.
  • I had a look on clear blue site yesterday and it said in 20% of women you can't detect a temperature change anyway on ovualation. I guess you have to use all the methods over a few months to get a pattern.
  • Fall3n Angel - if only I'd known the 'not eat or drink' bit. Had been taking my temperature literally the second I'd swallowed last mouthful of tea: thought from the readings that I was about to get organ failure...!
  • My cousin who is dedicated to the basal temp lark tests in err.... both places. I feel the confusion of thermometers for that is too much to risk!
  • ha ha ha Flush you are soo funny LOL

    Thank you girls for all this info have not really looked up much till a min ago and then started to worry as you can see. I will wait now till CD1 and then try thatimage Thanks girls.

    k xx
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