Please help...Implantation

HI ladies,
Well I'm on cd31 and my cycle lasts 33-35 days usually. From my working out I'm 11dpo. This month I really thought we'd done it, I felt so sure, like I knew somehow.

When I went to the toilet half an hour ago there was a little brown discharge when I wiped. So this is either my period starting or implantation. If it's af I am absolutely gutted...completely devastated. On the other hand I don't want to get my hopes up thinking that it's implantation. The one thing that's making me sway towards implantation is that I'm only 11dpo.

Please help ladies. Realistically how common is implantation bleeding? I've googled it but I'd like to hear from real people. I'm crying as I type this as I know it's probably not our month after all. It's bound to be our turn soon :cry:


  • Thank you so much Kirsty that's given me some hope. Did you have any cramping or anything with it can you remember? I'd much rather hear real life stories than stuff you read when you google something. Good luck with ttc again! How long have you been trying? xxx
  • I know it's pants! Oh well it'll all be worthwhile in the end. xxx
  • Rachwill, that could have been my post, very similar to you! Let's keep our fingers crossed!

    When are u going to test? Xxx
  • Good luck Rachwill!

    How many days until you can test?
  • hi I had implantation bleeding with severe cramping, thought I was having an ectopic but my ds is now 19 months and we are ttc no.2.
    It is hard when af and preggo symptoms are similair, im on cycle day 42 after them being around 35 days and did test yesterday bfn but thats what happened first time round and then just over a week later got my bfp!
    good luck xx
  • Hi everyone!
    Well af still hasn't made an appeaance. Still getting a little brown discharge (sorry TMI) but only enough to be on the tissue when I wipe. Getting quite crampy now though so AF is probably on the way. Going to test in the morning if I don't wake up with af. xxx
  • Good luck rach! Hope it is a big +
    I am also a lady in waiting...xx
  • Thanks naturelle!! When is your af due? I'm due on Sunday. Took a test a min ago have a look at my other topic. As if it's not enough that our bodies play tricks with us!! xxx
  • Due on Saturday, that is if my cycle is this month is 26 days as that s what's been on avarage..
    But I am out as I tested yesterday and bfn 10dpo..

    I just looked at your other thred, do you know I have read about that happening to someone on here FR coming up with more then one line..
    FR are well rated, and so are Superdrug ...
    hope it works xxx
  • That's still early you could still get your bfp! Going to test in the morn again but it's the other fr out of the same box so hope it's not faulty. I googled about fr showing 3 lines and it's happened a few times.
  • Tested this morning with fmu. BFN. I don't have any cramps though and the spotting has all but disappeared so here's hoping it was implantation and I'll get my BFP in a couple of days. xxx
  • Sorry Rach, but maybe it is too early. Just spoke to a friend of mine who is now 16 weeks pg, and she tested on the day her AF due and got a BFN, then she left it and tested 3 days later and got a BFP..

    So it seems not everyone gets results as early even with an early test.

    So there is a hope.. I think it is looking promessing for you!
    Good luck xxx
  • Here's hoping! Going to test on Sunday, I was supposed to wait until Sunday to test! Doh! haha If I didn't do ll this early testing I wouldn't be so tormented. xxx
  • Hi everyone,
    Well AF has arrived so yet again this is not our month. Thanks for all the good uck wishes. On to the next month and fingers crossed for an April baby!! xx
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