What would you do?

Morning ladies,

I have been using opks for the past few days and I'm now on CD16 but haven't had a positive. Last month I got a positive on CD15 and ovulated on CD16 I think.

On Sunday (CD16) I took a opk in the afternoon after i'd had quite a bit of water and I'd peed within the hour or so I think, and then yesterday I had a bit of red spotting which sounds like an ovulation bleed. I've also had ewcm for the past two or three days.

Do you think it's safe to assume I ovulated yesterday or should I continue testing?

It doesn't bother me too much as we have been bding regularly and will continue to do so anyway, I'm just curious.

K xx


  • Keep testing anyway, but last month I only had a veeery faint line on my OPK (which they say discard), but had actually ov'd at that time. If you've been bd-ing anyway, you should be covered, but keep going as long as you can every couple of days just to be sure.

    Good luck and enjoy the bd-ing!
  • Thanks!

    I'm unsure when to calculate dpo from... I guess if I don't get a positive I'll count yesterday as my ov day?

    K x
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