Crohn's Disease and TTC


I am new to this site so forgive me if this issue has cropped up before. I have Crohn's Disease and wondered if anyone else has this condition and trying for a baby? I've been reassured by my Doctor that it shouldn't have an effect on TTC but it would be nice to hear from anyone who also has Crohn's and is TTC xx


  • Hi, I don't know much about it, but I have a friend with Crohn's and she has 2 beautiful girls. Good luck xxxxxx
  • Thanks Candygirl, that's very good to hear! xx
  • hey girl! i've got CD too image

    i know this post is like forever old lol, but just thought i'd offer you some fellow crohnie support lol

  • Hi there Issy22!

    Just wanted to say that i've got CD too! Are you on the ttc or pg forum Issy? xx
  • hey nat image


    i'm on the ttc forum lol, you??

  • Hey how long you been ttc?

    I've been ttc since last Aug, had a bfp in March on month 8, then found out at 9 weeks that i'd had a mmc. I'm now having my first af after mmc so i want it to be over with so i can start properly.

    How is your crohn's? What meds are you on?
    I have been taking azathioprine for the last 6 years & apart from a bit of pain after the mmc, the stress of it all affected my crohn's a little, but apart from that its completely fine. What bout you?

  • hey nat,

    sorry to her about your mmc image i lost at 7 weeks in april, been trying since april lol,

    yeah, i'm on aza 50mg at mo, was on 150mg lol, 4g pentasa, 20mg omeprazole.. take multi vits and folic acid to aid ttc.

    was on prednisolone for 6 months or so,,, on 30mg, i was like the moon!! lol., i have crohns colitis, both colitis and crohns, but i'm currently in remission so my gastro says lol.

    my OH has Crohns too, so i've got such support through the tougher times etc, but we're both really well at the moment, and really enjoying ttc image

    do you go on its a crohns support group - and its amazing! that's where i met mike, my fiance lol, and we get married in sept this year image

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