How do i post pics?

I've got my BFP on me phone & thought it might be cool to share BFP pics but i dont know how you do it? Please help!!



  • This is what i do:
    new post (not quick reply)
    Upload to Photobucket
    U will get an IMG code
    like this:

    Then change the CAP IMG to a lower case IMG img :lol:


    (really hoping this works :lol: )
  • first of all huge congrats! when did you get your bfp and when are you due?
    if you put your pic onto photobucket then you need to right click on the pic then copy the web address thn in your post click img, paste the address then click img again with no spaces.
    hope that made sense!
  • sorry double post!

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  • thanks girlies i'll give it a go after Corrie image

    First got 2 dodgy BFP's last thurs 9dpo it was a boots own & it came up then faded to a BFN which was pretty odd! got lovely strong BFP then 10dpo on FR.

    Me & HPT's have a history lol! with my DD2 i dropped the first one down the loo before i got to pee on it, 2nd one didnt work as in not even a control line, was 3rd time lucky then too!

    Thansk for for the congrats!! image

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