you know when people say...

You know when people say they just knew they were pregnant before getting the BFP, do you think that's really the case? I mean do you think they felt like that every month until they got their BFP? Or just that one month in particular?

I'm just asking as I was feeling quite confident this month but tested today and BFN (think I'm about 10/11dpo so know it's still early) so now not so much

If anyone felt like this before their BFP I'd love to know if they only really felt that for the month they got preg.

Thanks for sharing



  • Kernow

    Maybe you should post this in pregnancy too. I'd be interested to see the outcome too.

    V xx
  • I definitely felt 'different' the month I got my BFP, hard to explain but guess I knew or at least that something was different.
    Sadly for me that time wasn't meant to be.
    MrsH xxx

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  • oops double post x

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  • good idea, I'll do it now xx
  • i was not trying when i fell pregnant with DS so not symptom spotting but definatley felt different.

    Spookily me and my husband both had dream a week before on the same night that i was pregant with a boy! wierd xxx
  • this is the first month that i have felt different whilst ttc!! every other month iv not experienced anything different but 2day ive has slight twinges feelin sicky last couple of days n my boobs r sooo sore ive had to take my bra off!! hopeing this is our month. but i was like u last month, not realy understanding how people felt they wer ... just have to wait and see image
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